2017 Reviews, Long Fiction

The Gustav Sonata: A Novel

In a post-WWII village in Switzerland, Gustav builds a deep friendship with the sensitive Anton. ¬†Throughout childhood, Gustav tries to understand his widowed mother Emilie's cold indifference to him, his mythical father, Emilie's resentment of Anton's Jewish family, his own poverty compared to Anton's wealth, and the stark contrast between his and Anton's lives. ¬†Through… Continue reading The Gustav Sonata: A Novel

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First Look: The Sunlight Pilgrims

THE SUNLIGHT PILGRIMS tells the story of a small Scottish community living through what people have begun to think is the end of times. I found this book because it had appeared on a number of award winner lists. The synopsis makes it seem like a deep dystopia, and I was looking for something brutal… Continue reading First Look: The Sunlight Pilgrims

2017 Reviews, Long Fiction

When the Moon was Ours

Rumors swirl about odd best friends, Miel and Sam. Sam paints moons to hang in the trees around town and mostly keeps to himself. Roses grow out of Miel's wrists, and no one knows where she came from before she tumbled out of the town's water-tower. But as odd as Miel and Sam are, even… Continue reading When the Moon was Ours

2017 Reviews, Fiction, Long Fiction

The Sunlight Pilgrims

  A harsh and unprecedented winter is about to overtake the earth, resulting in chaos across the globe. Three characters, Dylan, Constance, and Stella, are neighbors in a caravan park in Scotland. Together, they live as the temperature falls to -65, as a massive iceberg approaches the coast, as people go mad and modern comforts… Continue reading The Sunlight Pilgrims