Lumberjanes is amazing. A group of tween and teen girls who kick butt, have fun, and practice Friendship to the Max! I haven’t been able to find the First Volume locally, but I was so eager to read this series that I jumped straight into the Second!  If you like Adventure Time, positive and diverse depictions of female friendships, or good old fashioned whimsy, I think you’ll like this!






Plutona uses a classic concept- a ragtag bunch of young adults find a dead body in the woods- in a remarkably fresh way. The young adults here are one of the most authentic representations of modern tween/teens I’ve seen in any sort of fiction. The accompanying art is soft, heartfelt, and a perfect fit.

I’m not sure if there will be follow ups to this story, but if there were I would absolutely read.




Rat Queens is the R-rated, flippant, silly, badass Dungeons and Dragons comic I’ve been waiting for. Violent, graphic, adorable, and hilarious, the Rat Queens are oh so quoteable and cosplayable. This one probably isn’t for younger readers (though 14 year old me would have loved this and kept it hidden under my bed), but I love any depiction of multiple female friendships, despite conflict, heartbreak, and murderous trolls. I’ll definitely be reading further.






I think No Mercy is going for a modern Lord of the Flies. Teens on an international vacation get in a horrible bus accident, stranding them in the desert. Things do not go well. No Mercy is unique in its brutality to the young characters, and the take on today’s teenagers is fun, if not a little over the top. The very end took the story in a way I’m not too certain I’m interested in following. However,  I love de Campi, and the character art is really funky. No Mercy will get one more Volume from me, to see where the authors go.