captureMy name is Jessica. I live in Minnesota with my two cats and a lot of books and videogames. I began this blog to promote good books. I named my blog after my two most faithful reading companions, cats and snacks. Please comment or reach out to me, I’d love to talk books and read other blogs!


How My Blog Works
At the start of a month, I’ll post each book I’m reading that month. Full reviews will be posted on Fridays the following month. I cross-post my full reviews to Goodreads. You can also find me on Instagram, where I am most active. I am eager to link to reviews written by people who personally identify with the characters in the book, so suggestions are welcome!

The Story of Crumbcat Books
In 2014, I set a goal to read 30 books in a year. I didn’t succeed.

In 2014 I read 17 books.

In 2015, I maybe read five. In that same year, I began to be more aware of how much the publishing industry fails to reflect the authors and stories I care most about. As so many of my hobbies (movies, videogames) faced backlash for being more inclusive to women, people of color, and people who are disabled or LGBTQ, I found the same thing happening in books. I began to think of how limited my own reading has been; as a fan of science fiction and non-fiction, how many female authors had I really read? How many authors of color? How many from non-western cultures? Turns out, not too many.

At the start of 2016, I spent weeks searching out book recommendations. I ruthlessly culled a list of more than 60 potential reads. I scheduled my whole year in books by month, and stuck to my reading schedule religiously. For the first time I read comics, short stories, and anthologies that spoke to me. I read more women, people of color, and non US/UK authors than I’ve ever read in my life. With new types of stories came new reading energy. 2016 was the first year I met my goal.

In 2017, I’ll read 50 books.  I’m an overplanner- I’ve spent three months working from a list of nearly 200 possible books. I’ve taken special care to make my reading list full of amazing-sounding books that were written by diverse authors. I’ve tried to include a broad range of genres and forms. I’m trying to read as many own voices books as possible. 95% of my books will be written by women, 75% will be by people of color, and more than 50% will be by non-Western authors.

I hope that through this blog, I might elevate, in even the slightest way, some amazing authors. I will add my voice to the many voices who are calling for more representation for authors and stories that reflect modern society. If I could help one reader find a book that is meaningful for them, I’d be ecstatic.