First Looks

First Look: The Fingersmith

220px-Fingersmithcover“This hypnotic suspense novel is awash with all manner of gloomy Dickensian leitmotifs: pickpockets, orphans, grim prisons, lunatic asylums, “laughing villains,” and, of course, ‘stolen fortunes and girls made out to be mad.’ A damning critique of Victorian moral and sexual hypocrisy, a gripping melodrama, and a love story to boot, this book ingeniously reworks some truly classic themes.”

Seriously, that’s all I needed to know. I’m a total geek for well-researched Victorian anything. PLUS this book was recommended to me by a reader friend with impeccable taste. PLUS this is a lesbian romance, which there just isn’t enough of, especially not in mainstream historical fiction / historical romance. Ex.cited.